Classes at School

Android Robo is a very successful company in training Robotics to School students as we are very strong in our Syllabus and our way of teaching.

Once we tied up with the school

  • We place all the needed Robotic Materials (School need not invest anything)
  • We supply books
  • We provide teachers (School shall provide its teachers if there is a need of further slash in pricing)
  • Our Technical head regularly visit the school to check on education quality
  • We regularly review the student's learning through our Work book
  • Provide Certificates while the end of the year
  • If the School is happy (a sure statement), we tie-up for further year.
  • Upgrade all the Robotic Materials for the further year.
  • Provide new Syllabus, provide books, handle classes and the process continues...

What school need to provide?

  • Space, Tables and Chairs
  • Time slots / periods to handle classes. Need one period for a class in a week
  • Computers to program the Robots.