We have wide varieties of products, which shall cater to any type of school's needs. Some of the products are:

  • Curricular, Extra Curricular
  • Our teacher model, School's teacher model
  • 4 Kit sharing program, 2 Kit sharing program, single Kit sharing program.
  • Our investment model, School's investment model (school shall buy kits and we will extend complete support)
  • One day workshops
  • Summer Course

We offer the Robotic Classes at schools in various modes which shall cater to any type of Schools's needs.

S.No Course type One Kit per Number of Students while Assembling Model Description
1 Curriculum (All Students from 4th to 9th should participate) 4 Our Teacher Model Our costing will be un-imaginably optimal in four kit sharing curricular program.
2 2 Premium Product
3 1 Premium Product
4 4 School Teacher Model Costing will be further less if the Schools is willing to provide its teacher. Systematic Training will be provided to the School's teacher.
5 2 Premium Product
6 1 Premium Product
7 Extra Curricular (Interested students from 4th to 9th shall participate) 4 Our Teacher Model
8 2 Premium Product
9 1 Premium Product
10 4 School Teacher Model
11 2 Premium Product
12 1 Premium Product
13 Summer Course 4 School / Our Teacher 10 days of course while Summer Vacation
14 One Day Workshop Our Teachers Click here for more details