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Hemalatha - Teacher from HUS

Thanks to Iwiz and its team members for giving HUS students an excellent workshop. Being a mathematics teacher I would prefer this workshop for every kids.

S.Mukundha rajan – Teacher from HUS school

Very good and enjoyable time for every student . Step by step process of making a robot was really nice. Over all it was an interesting session with the kids.

Aryaman dass – student from HUS in a one day workshop

Well, today was one of the best days of my life. I really thank Android Robo for teaching very clearly about robotics.

J.Sri rajesh Student Alpha matric H sec school

Through this robotic class I have spent my summer holidays very effectively. It was very useful that learning about how to make a robot and how they work automatically. These things will make me confident enough to create my future in my own.

Karan.B student during a one day workshop

It was very interesting when I am learning about robotics. It was very exciting when I was making my own robot. Thanks to iwiz.

S.Rohith – student While a summer class

What a wonderful class! I feel so interesting to do any design of robots. I learned assembling, connecting, and programming the robot. It is very easy to learn and easy to do. I want to learn more in robotics. Through this I can upgrade my mind very easily than any other way of learning. Thank you very much Iwiz Android Robo.

Khushbu – Student from Benglen public School during a summer class

I am so lucky to have this Robotic class in my class itself. I have learned a lot from this class. Thank you very much to Iwiz and Benglen Public school for taking Robotic classes in our School.

P.Bharath ,D.Kavin ,K.M.Nivashan ,M.Vishnu - student from a matriculation school

We have learned many things through this workshop.We were given enough components and devices to develop robots.We were developing the robots like a team work.It was a good experience.

P.Jayanthi - Student from a CBSE school

It is very interesting. We have learnt many new things.We were working together to make a robot.It was a nice experience.

S.Kavinkumar - student from a CBSE school

I have participated in one day workshop on robotics.I have learnt a lot about robotics through this workshop.I would like to learn more about this robotics in future.

S.Varun ,D.Kavin ,B.Jaiyesh ,P.Abhishek ,M.Mohanraj - students from a matriculation school

We were in fear when we start doing robots, but later we have enough confidence to do a robot in our own.Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity that we were given.

S.Abirooba - Student from a Matriculation school

I have enjoyed this course very much.We have learned many things about robotics.I want to learn more about robotics through out the year.

D.Hemalatha - Student from a school

I learnt many thing about robotics. i would like to continue this robotics class even in summer vocation also.

E.P.Kishor ,Naresh ,Vivin - Students froma Matriculation Hr Sec School

I like this class very much.They have asked many questions about robotics and we have got the answers for all of them.

S.Mounika - Student of a CBSE school

I like this robotics class.We were given step by step instructions to make the robot.We have learnt many things through this class.

K.Rithika Sree ,T.Soundharya Sree ,S.M.Sanjitha ,M.Sanmathi - students of a Matriculation hr sec school

We enjoyed a lot when we were in robotic class.The teacher cleared all of our doubts.we wondered that we have done this.

T.Jivana ,U.S.Lathiga ,V.P.K.Hariharini ,G.Dharshini - students from a matriculation school

When heard a word of robotics we were so happy,when we start doing the robot we enjoy a lot. We have performed well,teachers are so helpful.We enjoyed a lot and we learnt a lot.

D.Karthikeyan - Student from a school

WOW ! what an enjoyable learning experience.We learnt how to make robot as a team work.

S.Janani - student from a matriculation hr sec school

I like this class very much.I learnt how to do a robot by assembling,connecting and programming.Four members are in one group and we have shared our robot making process like a team, it was a nice experience.

M.Muthusudha, P.Anandhi ,Vidhya - teachers from mahathma school

Robotics is very useful for the children to assemble various models and they are able to understand the mechanical, electrical,and electronics devices.Till 2nd and 3rd robot we guided them in assembling and programming.Then they were able to do on their own.Their programming skill was really wonderful and admirable.

Pooja vasana - student of a CBSE school

I like this course very much it is very interesting.After finishing the seven robots which was given in the book with easy steps, i am able to do a own robot.This course covers very advanced technologies, i hope it will be very helpful in my future.

S.K.Vajreswari - Student from a CBSE school

we came to know what is robot and we learnt many type of robots also we enjoyed the entire session.We learnt all the disciplines of the robots (i.e Mechanical ,Electrical ,Electronics ,)These classes are very useful to us.We would like to learn with your next level robotics courses.

Teachers from mahathma school, KK nagar

Children enjoyed every single move of the robot.They were fascinated to watch their robots move.They have handled the blocks with ease ,care and precision.Thank you very much.

Divya - teacher from Shree Nikethan Matric Hr Sec scholl

Your class is very interesting and informative too. I think students ha e really enjoyed the session and they have learned a lot.Your monthly plan also sounds good.Thank you very much for being with us.

K.Pushpalatha, J.Grace sheela, S.Jayanthi, M.Balasingam - teachers from mahatnma schools

This training program was informative and students were excited to learn and work on it. Through this program creativity,concentration,and technical skills were developed well. It was a good start to inculcate robotics in young minds.

P.Swathi - teacher from velamal vidhyalaya,chennai

Robotics course has given an opportunity for the children to get an exposure to Robotics. This has enriched their knowledge towards electronics and basics of robotics.The program co-ordinator need to be congratulated for her wonderful explanation and making the children more involved in programming and assembling through out the week.

Srikar Srinivasan

I like this robotics class very much.The robotics teacher have cleared all my doubts.I would like to continue the robotics class even in future.

S.Syed salman - Princes matric hr sec school

i am so unhappy to leave this class room,because i like this class very much.My favourite bot in this class is turtle bot.

K.Mohammed suhailkhan - student from princes matic hr sec school

I like this class very much and i want to continue the same class in future also. I have learned many thing about robotics.Also i have learned to be a team leader through this robotic class.

S.Varsha - student from princes matric hr sec school,chennai

I like this robotics class very much and i have learned many concepts of robotics through this robotics class and i wish to continue this robotics class for future also.Thank you very much.

Mrs.Nazreen - teacher from Princess matric hr sec school,chennai

The class is really good and students are very much interested with what they are doing also with the staff.The staff doing his job well.All the students wants to continue the robotics class for next levels.My best wishes always for you.

S.Vignesh student of a matriculation hr sec school

I like this class very much and i would like to join in more robotic class in future.I like this robotics teacher and his method of teaching. i want to become a robot scientist.

E.Swetha - Student from princes matric hr sec school

I like this robotics class very much and i am interested to continue this robotics class for next levels also.I like the method of teaching from this robotics company and the staff.Thankyou


I like robotics class because my friends and me work together like a team which is very interesting. We were not only making the robots also we were enjoying the classes well by discussing new concepts and playing knowledge oriented games.Our trainer was very good and he is so flexible to train every students.

Shravan - Student of velammal vidhyalaya school,chennai

The class was super.The trainer taught us everything very well.She was very nice to be with students.

Nikilesh srinivasan - student of a matriculation school

This robotics class was very good,it was awesome.By doing robotics now i am capable enough to build my own robots.The robotics trainer was very good , she taught us everything well.

J.Kavitha - Science co-ordinator Sri sankara vidyalaya matric hr sec school,pammal

The workshop was very interesting one, our students enjoyed in attending this session.The team members of Iwiz Android Robo pvt ltd have explained everything in a more elegant manner.In this session our children have learned many applications.Our best wishes to Iwiz Android Robo for their future.


This robotics workshop started with videos of some robots ,which was very good and informative one. All the students have enthusiastically participated in the workshop.The assembling ,connecting,programming the robots makes them every one as an engineer.It is very easy to do for every students.At the end of the session they have explained about the program very well and the entire session was very nice.