Workshop Content : Learn Basics of Robotics | Learn types of Sensors | Assemble a Robot | Program a Robot using Robowiz | Compete to get the Best Performance Award

'Android Robo' is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program that has been specially tailored to teach young school students, the basics of Robotics and train them to make a Robot by themselves.

We are now conducting one day workshops to school students as an awareness towards Robotic Education. In the workshop, the young students can learn about the basics of Robotics, about various types of Sensors, basics on how to assemble and program the Robot.

Need for Robotic Education :
In the technological evolution starting from Micro Computers, Robots stands as latest and it is going to be the future as well. As the other countries like China, Japan, Korea, US and UK had already inculcated Robotic Education among school students, India is also starting to do so.

What students can learn through this Workshop ?
We will train the students on what a Robot is, how it works, how to build a Robot and how to program it in various ways such that the same Robot could be made to function in different ways. At the end of this workshop, we are sure that the students will get a clear picture on what are the basic concept of Robotics.

What school need to Provide ? :
Space, Tables, Chairs, teaching media (like projector) | Time slot of one full day to the students

Deliverables :
Workshop Certificate to all students | Best performance certificate for three students

What Students need to bring for Workshop ? :
Two AA Duracell 1.5 V Batteries


We follow the below Agenda while conducting oneday Workshop

Content Duration Description
Video Shows 15 minutes Videos about various Robots
Introducation to Robotics 1 hour Basic introduction about Robots and its functions
Assembling 1 hour 30 minutes Assemble a Car Bot
Execution 15 minutes Execute the Car Bot
Programming 2 hours Learn to Program a Robot. Let's make different
programs and make the same Robot to function in different ways
Introduction to Sensing Robots 1 hour Demos and Shows of various Sensing Robots.
Conclusion & Certificate Distribution