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Empower Tomorrow's Leaders​

Explore the Future of Education with Android Robo's Comprehensive Technology Programs

Empower Tomorrow's Leaders

Explore the Future of Education with Android Robo’s Comprehensive Technology Programs

Beyond Boundaries

In the dynamic landscape of evolving future trends and propelled by the impetus of progressive National Education Policy, acquiring proficiency in Robotics, AI, Coding, and Drones has become an imperative for students. These technological skills have transitioned from being optional to essential, ensuring that students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern educational and professional arenas.
With over a decade of industry experience, we, Android Robo are specialist in delivering technology education and nurturing students into astute observers, strategic thinkers, and innovative creators, thus preparing them towards a great future.

Android Robo’s Journey in Crafting Tech-Savvy Scholars for a Dynamic Tomorrow

Robotics, AI, Coding, 3D Printing, IOT, Drones and Aviation in Schools

About Android Robo

Android Robo is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program that has specially tailored curriculum to teach young school students about Robotics. The course can be taught from the basics to advanced levels. Robotics includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, S.T.E.A.M and Programming which encourages students to connect these disciplines. Students are aksed to create their own Robot and in this process, they begin to learn through doing.

Android Robo is the result of years spent on Research & Development, to develop Robotic Models and Curriculum which might inculcate Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, S.T.E.A.M and Programming skills amongst the students and also may induce Thinking, Observation, Analyzing and Creative Skills to cater to the future world.

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Courses we offer​

Android Robo’s Teaching Methodology
  • Robotics – A Deep Dive Dive deep into Robotics expertise, by learning to assemble and program 6-8 cutting-edge robots.
  • AI and Robotics Mastery Delve into the realms of AI and Robotics mastery through an immersive exploration of Robotics, Coding, Python, and IoT.
  • Stem Lab Step into the world of our STEM lab, where immersive experiences await in the realms of Robotics,
  • Future Tech Fusion Unveil the future with Future Tech Fusion – your gateway to Robotics, AI, and Drones.

Our Teaching Pedagogy

Android Robo’s Teaching Methodology

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Learn to Code / Program

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Our Teaching Pedagogy

Android Robo’s Teaching Methodology

Our Testimonials

Robotics course has given an opportunity for the children to get an exposure to Robotics. This has enriched their knowledge towards electronics and basics of Robotics. The programme coordinator needs to be congratulated for the wonderful explanation and making the children more involved in programming and assembling.

From Schools

Robotics is very useful for our Children. By assembling various models they are able to understand the Mechanical and Electrical devices. Their Programming skill has grown admirably. Workbooks are very useful.

From Schools

Daily she shares her experience with us and it seems amazing.

From Parents

This course will be of great use for the students in future as our day to day life will be connected to Robotics somehow.

From Parents

I learnt about electronic components. I can be a future scientist because of this class. I liked doing Innovative Robot. I love Robotic Class. I won't forget this class. I learnt that the concept of Robotics is very simple.

From Students

It was awesome. By learning Robotics now I learn to do my own Robot. The teacher was good. She taught me very well. The class brings out everyone's potential in robotics. I really enjoyed going to the class.

From Students

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